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Jiangjia Ridge, Lingchuan Town, Lingchuan County, Guilin 541200, China

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No.5-1, Changjiang East Road, Suqiao economic development zone, Guilin 541805, China

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No. 810, 8th floor, A block, V+ International Centre of Zhangtai Tian Jie,No.41, Chuanshan East Road, Guilin 541004, China



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    Advantages on production technique
   ◆  In-depth optimization of natural active ingredients extraction and

       purification technology
   ◆  Molecular separation from plant compounds
   ◆  Remove pesticides residue and meet standard declared on China

       national standard, USP, EU, Positive List System of Japan
   ◆  Get rid of heavy metal and meet China dietary supplement general

       standard (GB16740-1997)
   ◆  Meet EU standard for PAHs
   ◆  Meet China national standard for plasticizers
   ◆  Meet EU standard for solvents residue
Continuous optimization of manufacturing technique and production  

       management, promote efficiency to ensure competitive price

    Advantages in team
   ◆  Bring top talents together, organize professional team
   ◆  Focus on technical innovation, insist regularized operation
   ◆  Establish partnership in open and win-win way

    Advantages in service
Insist principle of integrity-oriented, quality-centered, competitive

   ◆  Served with profession, high efficiency, integrity, faithfulness