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Guilin Sanleng Biotech Co.,Ltd.

Lingchuan Factory Add.:

Jiangjia Ridge, Lingchuan Town, Lingchuan County, Guilin 541200, China

Suqiao Factory Add.:

No.5-1, Changjiang East Road, Suqiao economic development zone, Guilin 541805, China

Sales Office:

No. 810, 8th floor, A block, V+ International Centre of Zhangtai Tian Jie,No.41, Chuanshan East Road, Guilin 541004, China



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Tailored Manufacturing

◆  More than 20 years of experience in both natural ingredients and sweetener and all our 

    know-how available ensure that we can provide you with customized solutions which 

    can match your unique requirements and enhance your product reputation and 




What services do we offer?
◆  Search for international and domestic law, regulations, and industrial standard
◆  Assistance in market study and analysis
◆  Assistance in registration of dietary supplement production permit in China
◆  Support product efficacy experiment

◆  Processing technology verification and optimization based on stability test and pilot test

◆  A full set of technical documentations offering
◆  Comprehensive tests including species identification, active ingredients, heavy

    metal, pesticides residue, solvents residue, microbe etc.
◆  Provide customized package
◆  Secure inventory, fast delivery time, high-quality after-sales service

What measures ensuring safety

and quality do we take?
◆  Advanced, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental

    friendly facilities compliant with GMP
◆  Manufacturing zone with 300,000 cleaning degree and packing

    zone with 100,000 cleaning degree
◆  Product quality compliant with USP, EU, CP2015, China

    standard etc.
◆  Complete product qualification, certified with Kosher, Halal,

    China SC, China dietary supplement production permit etc.
◆  A range of product appearance including powder, liquid, paste,

◆  Non-allergen, non-GMO, TSE/BSE Free, non-plasticizers pollutions
◆  Non-irradiation, non-ETO treatment