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Guilin Sanleng Biotech Co.,Ltd.

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Jiangjia Ridge, Lingchuan Town, Lingchuan County, Guilin 541200, China

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No.5-1, Changjiang East Road, Suqiao economic development zone, Guilin 541805, China

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No. 810, 8th floor, A block, V+ International Centre of Zhangtai Tian Jie,No.41, Chuanshan East Road, Guilin 541004, China


Research & Development

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    QQ图片20180203142929.jpg  SanLengBio's founder Mr.Mao, who graduated from CAU(China Agricultural University) and majored in plant nutrition science,

         got experienced R&D staff together and created independent R&D center.
    QQ图片20180203142929.jpg  With technical accumulation for years, cooperating with leading domestic scientific research institutions like Guangxi Academy

         of Agricultural Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing Laboratory Center, SanLengBio has already owned  a  professional

         and powerful R&D team.
    QQ图片20180203142929.jpg  So far SanLengBio has mastered a serious of core techniques  including  APIs selection, natural ingredients  extraction and

         purification as well as macromolecule separation in the botanical compounds, which formed an independent intellectual

         properties system and attained many national invention patents,such as:

  ●   Manufacturing technique extracting 98% quercetin from overground part of Ilex pubescens (Patent No.:

  ●   Recombination countercurrent method extracting ursolic acid from persimmon leaves (Patent No.:

  ●   A membrane separation technique manufacturing high purity triptolide (Patent No.: 201710115897.6)